With our easy to use, safe digital platform, money can be transferred wherever, whenever to any of our destination countries in just a matter of minutes. Fast Pace Transfer ensures the following:

  • Competitive quotes and provision of live exchange rates
  • Access to our global network of local banks and payment wallets
  • Fast receipt of transfers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Access to our seamless digital platforms which integrate on a real-time basis with our distribution partners
  • Transfer of remittances to bank accounts, cards, mobile wallets and by cash to pay out points

  • Cash Pick-Up
    Clients can receive transmitted funds in cash (in local currency), from any of our pay-out partners who are part of our extensive network.
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  • Bank Deposit
    Receiving funds can be received directly into bank accounts with our fast, reliable and very secure transfer system.
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  • Remittance to Cards
    The recipient of the transfer can receive the funds on a pre-paid card of their choice. Cards supported include Mastercard, Visa Card and Verve card products.
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  • Remittance to Mobile Wallets
    Fast Pace Transfer offers its clients the ability to transfer funds directly onto mobile money wallets.
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